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Godi’s Excavating LLC knows excavating!

Your Land is Worth Far Too Much to leave the work to someone that does not have experience or doesn’t really know what they are doing.  Unfortunately, we have seen this time and time again when a land owner knows “the guy down the road with the dozer” that ends up making a mess of their property.  It usually ends up costing the land owner more than had they called us in the first place.

Quite often going behind and cleaning up someone’s mess can be a much more labor intensive job than starting in the beginning would have been.

No matter what your situation though, Godi’s Excavating LLC can help.  Please give us a call for all of your excavating needs.  We are here for you and will do it right the FIRST time!

Godio Excavation

Excavating Services

Land Clearing
Land Clean Up
Road Construction
Conservation Work

Farm Work
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Grader Work

Custom Dozing
Site Preparation
Dump Trucking
Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Low Water Crossing Repair

Road Clearing & Construction

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